Who Am i ?


My height; weight; color of my skin; 

language; nationality; gender; 

sexual orientation; politics; religion; age?


Why, I am a Homo Sapiens Sapiens. 

A human being.

All the rest are just surface details.

One Detail :  I’m an Artist

I paint.  Oils.  You can think of each painting as the journal of a relationship between me and a surface.  The relationship is about converting a thought or observation into a 2D representation.  It is a dance of give and take between whatever it is going on in my brain and the surface.  Signing my signature on the painting is like signing the divorce papers.  The relationship is over.  There is nothing left to give or take.  All that is left is the journal.  The fun of viewing art is getting to rummage through these journals and discovering if there is anything you can relate to, good or bad.  All my relationships were worth the journey to me.  I make no guarantee either written or implied it will be good for you but you are welcome to snoop.  I sell my work occasionally for $100’s of thousands of dollars;  or $100;  or sometimes a barter like I wash your car if you will hang this on your wall.  Mostly I just paint.

Questions?  Contact me at  info@maddogger.com